Ian & Kelly
"Just Gates" did our RV and Side gates they did a fantastic job.  
This would have been an all weekend project for me, no thanks. 
It was money well spent!
Bruce & Gina
Our old RV gates were broken, faded and hard to open and close,
Tim at "Just Gates" did a great job. 
He was professional and courteous,
the job was done on time and everything was clean when he left.
Our gates look and work like they are brand new. I
will definitely refer my family and friends to"Just Gates".
  Jeff & Wendy
My gate was loose and hard to open, Just Gates replaced the anchors in the gate frame, repainted the frame and put on newly stained slats, it looks and works like new.
Bel-Esprit Day School
The two gates to our play area were broken by vandals. Just Gates quickly repaired them and gave our kids a safe place to play again.
John, a real estate investor
I had a RV gate that had been opened the wrong way, the hinge post was twisted and bent, the bottom rail was also bowed.     Just Gates had a new end piece welded on and the bottom straightened and reinstalled in one day.

Justin, a homeowner
Justin had the wind blow one side of his  RV gate down it also pulled out hinge anchors  from the block wall.
We were able to fix the damage and restore his gate to look and work like new again, he was so pleased with our work, 
that he also had us refinish his side gate.
Thanks for the Business
and the very nice reference below
I wanted to thank you for how great the gates look, they truly look brand new!
I have got numerous compliments from neighbors on them and will be sure to
refer them to you as well as anyone I know in the Phoenix area! You were polite, professional, did great work, and left everything how you found it.
Thanks again,
Refinished Rv gate and side gate
Side gate Refinished
New Custom Built Gate with 1x6 slats and double bolt pattern, for his pool pump enclosure.